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Concert Reviews


Ms. Andjaparidze played (Scriabin) vividly, with pliant pacing, milky shadings and imagination: her performances were technically nimble and articulate: in the murky, experimental pieces, the veiled sounds and soft-spoken delicacy of her playing were equally riveting.

 - The New York Times


Andjaparidze is a phenomenal pianist. 

 - The Boston Globe


Eteri Andjaparidze nails the keyboard miniatures of Zez Confrey... you will never have heard it played with such fluent panache.

 - The New York Times


Eteri Andjaparidze, an amazing pianist, sounds like she has either two extra fingers or wings attached to her digits.

 - Seattle Weekly


It was a great performance, one that did both Ms. Andjaparidze and Beethoven proud.

 - The Gazette

Miss Andjaparidze showed her total command of the instrument and the piece, absolute clarity of articulation and a deep and rich sonority. The Emperor received a truly great rendition.

 - La Presse


It was a concert unparalleled in excellence. Never before, and possibly never again will local concert goers hear playing of such magnitude.

 - The Niagara Falls Review


One is left to wonder whether there is anything Andjaparidze can’t play well.

 - Fanfare


Eteri Andjaparidze is a challenge to write about.  She is a volatile, elusive and fascinating performer.

 - Ottawa Journal


Eteri Andjaparidze’s fabulous interpretation offered a new soul to Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto #1.  She demonstrated power and infinite subtlety which overwhelmed the audience of the Principality of Monaco.

 - Nice-Matin


Smashing… majestic playing… marvelous technique… exquisite performance of theEmperor…

The stunning performance of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto #1 by the distinguished guest soloist Eteri Andjaparidze displayed a keen sense of phrasing, impressive power and a deft touch in quiet passages.  She brought an amazing amount of life and passion into the piece. …Eteri Andjaparidze electrified Oregon Symphony.

 - The Oregonian


Eteri Andjaparidze displayed total mastery of the keyboard, finesse of touch and facility of movement which few pianists can match.

 - Times Herald-Record


The greatest piano performance ever witnessed.  The sound of brilliance took everyone’s breath away.  Imagine the sound of a beautiful sunset, a perfect flower, the brightest comet, and there you have it… the playing of Eteri Andjaparidze.

 - Taconic Newspaper


The performance was just fantastic!  The sounds that came from the piano were sounds that have never been heard before. Eteri Andjaparidze played her entire program with remarkable originality and a very deep understanding of the individual style of each piece.

 - The Record Herald News


Eteri Andjaparidze dished up rhythms of Gershwin with flash and infectiousness to make the jazz piano legends of America listen up.

 - Daily Freeman


Photo by Yuri Rost

Photo by Yuri Rost

CD Reviews


Zez Confrey Piano Music  

NAXOS, 8.559016 (1999), MARCO POLO, 8.223826 (1998)


"Significant American Classics release… you will never have heard it played with such fluent panache.”

- The New York Times

“Her playing is imperiously brilliant and idiomatic. Everything goes with swing and sparkle.”

- Gramophone

“She plays this music as if she had mainlined it from birth.”

- Seattle Weekly

“Andjaparidze's dizzy fingers a great match for Confrey works.”

- Patriot Ledger

“It's a lot of fun…She performs in a virtuoso style, playing with pianistic light and shadow, and pouncing on amusing nuances.”

- Boston Globe

“Confrey would be delighted with Eteri Andjaparidze's zippy and zestful performances which, in addition to their glitter, also articulate the poetry of a number of the pieces.”

- Classical Music Web


Scarlatti Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 1

NAXOS, 8.553061 (1999)


"An exceptionally well-played, enjoyable and unhackneyed collection…the disc is a steal.”

- Fanfare

"Andjaparidze's control of tone-subtle, crisp and delicate-is breathtaking.”

- BBC Music Magazine


Prokofiev Piano Music Vol. 1

NAXOS, 8.553429 (1997)


“The perfection and warmth of her pianism represents the combination of exquisite sophistication and sincere simplicity.”

- Oleg Prokofiev

“Eteri Andjaparidze bursts into our awareness with a devastating performance of Prokofiev's Toccata, one of the most exciting ever recorded.”

- Classical Pulse

“The Visions fugitives…one of the very best versions available.”

- BBC Music Magazine

“This recording is an outstanding introduction to an important pianist.”

- Fanfare

Christmas Piano Music

NAXOS, 8.553461 (1996)


"Eteri Andjaparidze plays with truly superb musicianship and the kind of pianistic color that has become a rarity. Her Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring is the most beautiful since Dinu Lipatti's. Her delightful playing of Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride is deliciously witty and charming."


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