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Artist Faculty


NYU Steinhardt


Mannes School of Music

Former Faculty


DePaul University School of Music

Tenured Full-Time Professor of Piano, Head of the Keyboard Programs                      

SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music                                                            

Affiliate Artist-Teacher of Piano                                                                                                                  

Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire of Music                                                         

Professor of Piano                                                                                                                       

Paliashvili Tbilisi Special Music School for Gifted Children                                        

Professor of Piano                                                                                                                       

Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatoire of Music                                           

Teaching Assistant to Vera Gornostaeva, Professor of Piano


Festival Artist/Faculty


Puerto Piano and String
Bermuda Piano Festival
Estonian Academy of Music
Southeastern Piano Festival
Villa Sandra Piano Academy
Todi International Music Masters

Foshan Liu Shi-Kun Music & Art School 

Xi’an Conservatory of Music

NYU Summer Piano Intensive
International Keyboard Institute and Festival

Round Top International Festival-Institute

International Piano Symposium - Homage to Heinrich Neuhaus

Mannes Sounds Year-Long Festival

PianoSummer at New Paltz International Institute / Festival

Festival International de Colmar




The Art of Piano Performance

Stemming from Heinrich Neuhaus and Konstantin Igumnov piano lineage that perceives the art of piano performance as a poetic idiom, fascinating inspiration, and cultural component to express emotional, intellectual, and philosophical experience, Eteri Andjaparidze imparts these aesthetics in her teaching.  The principles of the masterclass aim to guide students in their search for true mastery, where playing the instrument is identified as a spontaneous and effortless expression of spiritual freedom, and technical prowess is seen not as an end in itself but as a step to eloquent delivery of artistic message. 


AmerKlavier Institute

A series of open piano masterclasses with Eteri Andjaparidze explore a wide variety of musical styles, as well as offer a comprehensive survey of the piano chamber music repertoire.  The series conclude with a gala featuring the best participants in performance.


Exploring Musical Styles

Baroque, Classical, Romantic, XX Century / Contemporary, Chamber Music / Duo Piano


Exploring Musical Form        

Polyphony and / or Fugue, Sonata and / or Variations, Etude and / or Virtuosic Opus, Free Form and / or Cycle, Piano Concerto



Towards the Light of Scriabin

Interconnectedness of Arts and Letters

Tracing Our Roots

Artistic/Educational Projects

Beethoven the Contemporary, NYU Piano Festival

Curator, Artist Faculty


Advanced piano performance studio and concert/colloquium series, Founder and Artistic Director

The United Sounds of America™

Three-months-long American Music Festival dedicated to 9/11, featuring American Music of all genres and forms (over 50 concerts), Founder and Artistic Director

Piano Week Eteriani

Annual Masterclasses and Concerts for Young Georgian Pianists, Founder and Master Teacher in cooperation with the US Embassy in Georgia

Oracle Piano Society

Artistic Adviser, Artist-Faculty

Apollo Music Festival

Artistic Adviser, Artist-Faculty

International Piano Symposium - Homage to Heinrich Neuhaus

Artistic Adviser, Artist-Faculty

Tbilisi International Piano Competition

Adviser / Consultant, Founder of the “Eteri Andjaparidze Special Award” for the youngest Georgian prizewinner

PianoSummer at New Paltz International Institute/Festival

Artist-Faculty and Artistic Adviser, Founder of the “Eteri Andjaparidze Scholarship” for an exceptionally talented student from Georgia

Special Music School of America

Special project to incorporate rigorous music studies in academic school program for musically gifted children, Music Director

Photo by Marina Mitchell

Photo by Marina Mitchell




Shaped by extraordinary artistic and pedagogical vision, AmerKlavier leitmotif is to explore new dimensions of artistic and educational spheres by merging rigorous professional training with the real concert life experience, and to expand and engage the artistic potential of young musicians in various artistic/educational projects. Integrating dynamic performance element into the learning process enhances multiple layers of students' awareness and enables them to absorb the broad spectrum of meaningful communication within the context of contemporary perception of the performing arts. AmerKlavier concept cultivates the format of featuring young rising talents alongside distinguished masters and promotes the highest standards of artistry and collaboration while building a nourishing cultural environment for wide audiences.


As a part of The United Sounds of America festival founded and directed by Eteri Andjaparidze in Chicago, IL, Amerklavier was initialy conceived as a retrospective of American piano music of all forms and genres, with the title inspired by Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 106, Hammer-Klavier.


Subsequently, AmerKlavier has emerged as an independent unique model of advanced piano performance study that seeks to uncover and address individual qualities and needs of aspiring pianists, while helping them attain professional fluency as they carve out their musical profiles. Innovatively designed and based on the world's finest traditions of the art of piano playing, AmerKlavier Studio offers specialized guidance and encourages professional exchange between artistic generations through extensive masterclasses, workshops and performing opportunities. It is dedicated to professional excellence, as well as exceptional camaraderie, and is the first piano performance studio named to the prestigious International Steinway Artists roster.


AmerKlavier has presented myriads of thematic festivals and projects such as The United Sounds of America: American Music Festival dedicated to 9/11; Pour le piano: French Music Festival; Grand Piano à la Russe: Russian Music Festival; A Taste of Georgia: Georgian Music Program; Sergei Prokofiev: Complete Piano Sonatas; Sergei Rachmaninoff: Complete Opera for Two Pianos and One-Piano Four/Six Hands; Ludwig van Beethoven: 32 Sonatas for Piano; W. A. Mozart: Complete Piano Sonatas; Fryderyk Chopin: Complete Nocturnes for Piano; J. S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I; J. S. Bach: Complete Concerti for Two Keyboards and Strings, Johannes Brahms: Complete Quartets for Piano and Strings and other musical offerings.

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